The EP821 hand-held broadband cluster terminal is widely used in special industries, such as public security, airports and terminals, traffic and transportation and large-scale competitions.
With its 5.0-inch HD touch screen, large display area and user-friendly HMI, EP821 can bring users superb operation and control experience. Its screen is protected with high-strength lens, which is operable with gloved or wet hands. Its professional one-key video upload function can facilitate the background management personnel to monitor the site in real time. The large-size buttons and PTT button on EP821 improve its operator-friendliness. Its high-power speakers can convey information accurately in noisy work environment. The enclosure is injection molded with hard and soft materials, which is more suitable for holding by hands and brings better drop protection. The protection rating of the whole terminal is IP68. The texture and grooves on the surface increase the surface friction so as to prevent the product from slipping off. It is made in black and orange, which take on the professional style.

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