A Revolution in RF Transport for In-Building Wireless

Mechanical Features:
1. 45 degree chamfer on top margin to visually creat a thinner product design;
2. double colour painting – white and dark gray;
3. Heat sink concealed inside to make the product more elegant.

The CrossFire Nano Power (NP) HetNet Active System is a full-feature Digital Distribution technology that supports all globally-used cellular bands, plus an integrated Gigabit Ethernet backhaul system. This system is capable of supporting CPRI, Small Cell and IPv6 connectivity, allowing cost-efective delivery of next generation wireless technologies.

With the nano power (+15dBm Composite per cellular band) comes the flexibility to dynamically manage capacity, which gives mobile carriers and their clients the ability to deliver world-class high speed wireless services in areas where demand exists. The plug-and-play approach with discrete cellular bands provides total flexibility for configuring and upgrading the system to support up to 8 bands in SISO or MIMO formats across any bands.

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