CatDrive is your family sharing network hard dirve that allows you to store and share your favorite family moments. Its most advanced Photo Roll feature makes it possible to bring you back to your favorite moments. And the pioneered Circle Sharing make it a link to your family members that you can enjoy family moments with innovate file streaming feature. Moreover, CatDrive can help you to store your data scattered across all your devices in one place and make the data easy to find and share. With CatDrive, you can keep your data secure all at home and stop worrying about leakage of the data used to stored on cloud. You can access your data using all your devices anytime, anywhere without monthly fee anymore. Unlimited number of users yet each one has a separate account that ensures his privacy. Even the administrator can not access user’s data if he is not allowed to view. It is the first time users can take back ownership of their data. Meanwhile, the built-in super file manager allowing you to easily open and view your photos, videos, music and files. Sophisticated in both hardware&software design and elegant in appearance, CatDrive is an artwork integrate into your daily life.

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