MSI Optix MPG27CQ is the world’s first Curved Gaming Monitor aimed at the best immersive gameplay for gamers. The Optix MPG series features build in RGB LED in the back and front site. But It is not just RGB, we added sense to those lights. These RGB LEDs are separated in 5 zones in the bottom of the monitor and feature SteelSeries GameSense. This gives gamers an extra layer of information during battles by adding in game information of some of their favorite games. Instantly see things like levels of ammunition, heath, cool downs or even kills. On the back side the RGB LEDs is usable for a personalization with eye-catching effects. It not only allows customizable lighting effects but supports simultaneous connectivity of multiple Optix MPG27CQ that allow multiple clan gaming members to closely communicate with each other.
Only the best with Optix MPG27CQ, to prevent eye fatigue and enabling long-term gaming we built in MSI Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light technology.

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