This curved-display monitor with a 21:9 ratio and 1900R curvature as well as a perfect 4-side cinema look can make gamers concentrate more on game playing. We came up with and applied an idea of setting a lighting on the main body of the monitor from the fact that many gamers turn off indoor lightings and place a LED lighting on the monitor to concentrate on the game.
A big and round LED lighting is attached on the back of the product, which not only serves a decorative purpose but helps with game playing by softly illuminating the surrounding with the adjustable color and intensity. It reduces the eye fatigue of gamers who play for a long period of time by reducing the difference in brightness between the screen and the surrounding, also boosting the realistic feel in an e-sports stadium. The user can not only set the height and angle of the monitor, but also rotate the screen to be laid vertically for a convenient use.
On top of its simple shape in general, the delicate perforations in red on the bent hole on the back gives it a durable and powerful image of a gaming monitor.

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