MEG5000 Modular Edge Computing Gateway for Internet of Things (IoT) features high speed data processing capability. It features three scalable cards, supporting various interfaces on customization to meet changing demands for industrial IoT applications.

With chamfered edges, the MEG5000 is designed for rugged use and consists of a high-strength, corrosion-resistant magnesium-aluminium alloy body. Being proud of unchanged ruggedness over time, the MEG5000’s sturdy and sealed enclosure protects the sensitive electronics from dust and humidity, with SIM card cover design, power supply anti-reverse protection and power supply terminal blocks locking functions to ensure reliable connection. It also supports the need of maximized cooling using an external heatsink and internal carbon nanotubes thermal radiation coatings, even in 75°C.

With modular design, the MEG5000 can be easily upgraded or repaired just by replacing the plug-in cards. The foolproof design of the plug-in cards can prevent users from putting the wrong card in the slot.

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