For over 20 years, Contour Design has sought to improve office ergonomics through the creation of new and innovative mousing solutions, and now we’re breaking the mold yet again with our latest achievement, the Unimouse.

The Unimouse is a fully adjustable ergonomic mouse designed to fit you and the way you work. Where other mice are one-size-fits-all, the Unimouse has four unique adjustable features to fit any hand size. You can change the tilt angle, thumb support length, thumb support rotation, and grip size. Each adjustable feature on the Unimouse uses friction-based mechanisms making manipulation quick and easy, while also providing stability in any position.

If you tire of one position, try something else; there are countless new hand positions to discover. By varying your hand posture throughout the day, you allow new muscles to take on the workload, reducing the threat of discomfort, pain, and even RSI (repetitive strain injury). With our design it’s never been easier to navigate your computer in a way which ensures your lasting comfort and productivity.

You’re designed to move; so let’s move.

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