This product is a special keyboard designed to solve the designer’s complex shortcuts trouble. By integrating the keys that frequently used by designers on traditional keyboards into one-hand-operable keyboards, the design software can be operated more efficiently with about 28 custom function keys and knobs instead of key combinations. Such as Photoshop to export PDF with ordinary keyboard to operate „Ctrl + Shift + Alt + P“, while in the T11 press „G“ key to achieve quick operation; the knob also integrates the direction, size, flip, numerical changes and other functions, let designers work more efficiently. It supports wired connection mode, adding TF interface on the side for fast file storage. Keyboard has mechanical buttons with metal material, diamond cutting process to enhance product quality; the overall is small and exquisite, the size fits the palm of your hand, which can shorten the distance of the hand moves to improve operational efficiency and reduce hand fatigue.

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