PC389 is a ‚photo printer with a built-in camera‘ which allows you to print out the photo instantly after a picture is taken.
Of course, you can print out the photos taken with your smart phone using Bluetooth or NFC. Soft and round shaped PC389 gives you a smooth grip, making you feel comfortable when you hold it in your hand. The matching between neutral pastel colors of greenery blue and violet pink gives it a friendliness that can be felt by anyone and harmonizes with any place at any time. The big circular lens, the main point of the product, in a two-tone color matching gives it an iconic feel and an emphasis to the function of the camera.
In addition, the slide buttons around the lens protect the lens when it is not used. The wrist strap in the corner helps you shoot more stably.
The dye sublimation printing method that provides an outstanding color reproducibility and the 2.3×3.5 inch large-sized photographic paper are the unique features of PC389.
PC389 can be the most friendly photo printer that captures the moments of your life.

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