As gamer you have 2 options for games, PC and console. For the PC gamers we saw that some gamers are constrained by space limitations – inability to install a large tower PC in the living room or gaming room. As such, MSI broke the current PC rules and developed the world’s smallest VR gaming mini PC, Trident series. It weighs just 3.17KG and the volume is only 4.72L – equivalent to a game console but more powerful.
The Trident series comes in 2 colors, classic black and white. The Trident 3 Arctic has a white/silver tone with neat lines, suitable for placement in various locations. The front trident LED Mystic Light design is able to accommodate gamers‘ 16 million colors change adjustment needs. It is a 3-in-1 product that strikes a balance between appearance, size and performance.
With the Global Green & Safety Responsibility, the Trident 3 Arctic passed certain certificates such as RoHS/Energy Star/UL/CB/CE/FCC/C-TICK/VCCI/BSMI. Trident 3 Arctic is such a beautiful product, it won the 2017 IF Design Award. Haven’t gamed on a mini gaming PC? Try the Trident!

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