The design of Mechrevo LX900 Gaming Tower completely overturns the traditional gaming DT. Inspired by the look of sci-fi spaceships, Mechrevo LX900 comes with detachable white structural body panels, which can be assembled catering to younger gamer’s varied demand.
Two 12cm diameter turbinate, as intake fans at the middle of the front panel, are carefully designed with fluid mechanics to best avoid air turbulence generated by the cooling fans, and further bring down overall noise.
Each side of Mechrevo LX900 is equipped with a large metal-coated steel glass. It is a unique way of presenting the electronic aesthetics of computer hardwares, and can also effectively prevent electromagnetic interference.
In addition to the beautiful RGB illuminated LED power button at the top, RGB logo projection light is added onto Mechrevo LX900 at the lower front panel, which gives players some options of preferable color and flashing type.

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