Chernyi (Black) Cooperative is a small Moscow coffee shop that offers monthly subscriptions for its own roasted coffee beans. Chernyi came to us in 2016 with a request to double the amount of coffee subscriptions.
We needed to reach as many people as possible, beyond the established core audience of coffee fanatics. Without any media spend, we turned to a channel normally ignored by brands but with a large, relatively engaged audience – the anonymous Tor network, popular as a perfect place to sell illegal products. So our campaign centered on the complete imitation of „black market“ products. We published the first post on a popular news site highly aligned with our audience about the first online store for a legal product on Tor network, simultaneously launching banners on dark web forums leading users to the shop website. The results were immediate. Users started pouring onto the site from the dark web. Over 300 opinion leaders posted about the new „store“ on the dark web on Facebook (reaching 1.5 Million people in the first day). By Day 2, Chernyi Cooperative was featured in most major Russian and International media.
As a result, we tripled the amount of coffee subscriptions.

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