These edible Chocolate Porcelains, made from green tea and white chocolate, are souvenirs inspired by Korean historical national treasures. ‚Goryeo Maebyeong Celadon Vase‘, produced during the mid twelfth century of Goryeo Dynasty(918-1392), is decorated with buddhist motifs such as birds and flowers. The chocolate ‚Goryeo Maebyeong Celadon Vase‘ emphasizes the beautiful line of its curve. ‚Joseon White Porcelain‘ was produced during the late Joseon dynasty era(1392-1910). Joseon white porcelains chocolate conveys its characters by understated decoration, subtle use of color, and reflecting the ideals of the Korean Confucian state.(A,B-1) contains abstract patterns which signify our ancestors‘ attitude of respecting nature; „The simpleness” refers to the reflection of the moon light shading the natural scenery.(A,B-2) explain the ‘simplicity and sophisticated beauty’ casting a glow by establishing the color contrast of moon light; This is shown through the internal packaging design which dramatically exposes the “beauty“ of our ancestors’ sprite. This packaging design intends to express the traditional beauty in a modern way using elements such as negative space, shadows, and light

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