Debrief (packaging):
Design a system of limited products (a bottle and its packaging) that would safely hold CARPOS® premium extra virgin olive oil. The main market is Switzerland where the company is also based.

Guidelines & constraints:
The CARPOS® packaging system must:
(material) be made out of clay.
be able to contain 500ml evoo.
be able to be posted individually.
follow bottling & labeling regulations.
be very sustainable.
be very eco-friendly.
be easy to use with no spills.
not let the EVOO be exposed to light.
not break easily.
not need additional packaging to post.

Organic form derived from olive tree trunks.
Coloring from the two sides of olive leaves.

Deliver / Outcome:
‚In your hands you hold one of the exclusively designed and handcrafted bottles of CARPOS® limited production extra virgin olive oil. 750 olive trees in the mountains of Rhodope, Greece have been meticulously preserved throughout the year. The olives of the Halkidiki cultivar were carefully hand-picked on October 25th. Only a few hours after the harvest, this oil was cold extracted at 25.5°C. Please enjoy this monovarietal extra virgin olive oil with care, like the way it was produced.‘

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