The coffee machine cafena 5 from ritterwerk is available in black, red and white and is a quality product “made in Germany”. It impresses with its innovative eco-technology: For example, immediately after brewing, cafena 5 switches into a 0-watt standby mode irrespective of the number of cups brewed. It has an automatic calcification stop function and the short water paths, created by the device’s design, are particularly energy-saving. The thermal jug is equipped with a shatter-proof stainless steel vacuum cylinder, which keeps the coffee warm over a long period of time. Due to its low energy consumption, its user-friendly operation and its stringent safety requirements, cafena 5 bears the eco label The Blue Angel “protects the climate – because energy-efficient“.
cafena 5 remains true to the reduced, puristic, clear and timeless Bauhaus features. Besides the design of the products, being connected to the Bauhaus tradition means above all one thing: local production and the social and ecological responsibility associated with that. For ritterwerk, the focus is on durability, not disposability.

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