The German Football League has a national brand awareness of 99%. Now, it’s taking a big step to conquer the global market. An ideal companion for this challenge: a strong branding
that can easily be used internationally and in all digital media. We focused on the symbol that characterizes the heart of the Bundesliga: not a national symbol or the ball, like other football leagues do. We focused on the player. Because that’s what football is about: Different players from different nations in different clubs, playing one game. Their passions, skills and personalities are what drives the international football fascination. The player becomes the overarching key visual for all Bundesliga brands.
Therefore, we redesigned the existing logo. The player is drawn in a new shape, a dynamic figure striking the ball. This change makes it more iconic, flexible, and easier to integrate in all digital channels and formats. It is framed by a digital and modular corporate design that comes with a new corporate font, as well as a graphic set, on air design and motion graphics. It can be animated and adapted to all digital sizes. And yet, it always remains: a dynamic player.

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