The nemako Welcome Sign is to be used as a mobile signpost at events and confusing public places.

It has been developed for the purpose of welcoming guests at traffic hubs like airports and railway stations. Later, it happened to be used on events and trade shows for diverse purposes.

Even in surroundings where it is not possible to setup any other kind of sign for aesthetic, legal or safety-related reasons, a brand can be present in a very elegant way with the nemako Welcome Sign. The sign is always carried by a service person. This supports the service idea of the target group, which tends to be premium class service providers.

As a DIN A4 paper fits well between the two acrylic glass surfaces, the Welcome Sign can easy be labelled. Changing the posted message is quick and easy, and no tools are needed.

The round stick can be unscrewed when the sign is not in use. Hence, the Welcome Sign can be stored in any bag large enough for an A4 file folder.

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