PutOn is the first integrated wireless charging transmitter in the world. The point is to change the using experience that feel real „wireless“ charging while charging smart phone. ( try to put your own cell phone on it! )

As you can see the craftsmanship of live demo right in front of you, it combines wooden art and technology together to provide such a fascinating using experience.

Compare to exiting, ordinary wireless charger device, PutOn not only provide basic using scenario of charging smart phone, but also implement the idea of wireless powering. PutOn Kits is the whole new idea that user can get power from monitor rack. With the way to get power, PutOn Kits extend the possibilities. Which means when you get power, you get light, you get sound, you get rotating, you get smell …etc. There will be hundreds of PutOn Kits launch in the future, even users can provide their idea to us and Rawablue Co. Ltd. can help them to make it real. Just put on, and relax.

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