FOR Part
FOR Total
To keep unity while changing the form. To unite meanings by dividing parts. Ideas, solutions, questions and inspiration on the sides of the cube, just as on the sides of life. Every new turn changes everything. What matters – remains.
The center of gravity and integration of parts is the model for business. Model for the Universe. A kit for life: to create, to change, to aspire.
Harmony of chaos. Logic of order. Volume of options.

FOR Idea
FOR Perfection
F.O.R. is a gift collection created by an international design team. Every F.O.R. item is aiming to make the world better. F.O.R. improves each everyday use object and creates a new entity.

FOR Philosophy
FOR New story
Every F.O.R item carries the certain philosophy. F.O.R. represents a live brand message which you can see, hear or feel. It interacts with the world around and creates new stories every day.

FOR Business
FOR Identity
F.O.R. brand contributes to reveal the true identity of the companies and transmit their core values through gifts.
F.O.R. items are ready-made gifts.

FOR life
FOR you
Make your own choice.

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