The discreetly designed SPLIT screens creates a space for concentrated working. Thanks to their slim design and needle punched felt, SPLIT provides a warm, natural atmosphere to the office environment. The screen system combines flexibility and design in order to define the user’s space, provide visual/sound partitioning and creates privacy. Easy to use, the SPLIT screens are easy to assemble and can be moved thanks to their light weight, making them ideal for open-plan office landscapes and co-working environments. Produced from environmentally-friendly materials, the SPLIT system is available in 4 colors – light grey, dark grey, green and burgundy, 4 sizes – width 400, 800, 1200 and 1600 mm – and with 4 functions – wall screen, floor screen, table screen and divider screen. Each letter in the range’s name represents a key value that describes the SPLIT series.
Separating-Provides partitioning and semi sound absorption.
Parts-Made of sustainable materials. Consists of few parts that are easy to recycle.
Light-Low weight makes it easy to transport the screens and move them around.
Inviting-The pressed needle felt creates a warm feel.
Trendy-The design is slim, airy and elegant

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