Flat TOP partition walls are 100% recyclable, made of high quality materials that respect the environment and have a very low carbon footprint.
Always made to measure, the design of the Flat TOP partitions is characterized by the flatness of its modules and doors, that are perfectly level.
Structure of material that is 100% recyclable, comprised of a mixture of plant fibres from wood transformation (shavings or sawdust), rice hulls, etc., polymers from their recovery and recycling and different additives that provide an optimum resistance to impact, twisting and fire reaction.
Organic board panels of certified wood fibre (MDF) died with E0 mass black, without added formaldehydes, clad with laminates and/or varnished wood (standard model).
Sustainable product with positive environmental impact. The panels may be B s2 d0 to order. Module interior of recycled cellulose obtained from shredded newspaper, with additives for fireproofing properties. It is sustainable and ecological, with extremely high sound absorption values, acoustic insulation and condensation control.
Frameless doors, with hidden hinges. Module regulation by micro-metric levelers.

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