Modulus office series, designed by Elin Basander Andre, has all the elements to create a flexible office. Well-planned functions, lots of storage and several color choices allow the user to create a unique solution that fits their needs – no matter if their workplace is a small home office, an open office landscape or a traditional one-man office. Several key words characterize the series:

Simple – With its module idea, Modulus is simple but functional – a great combination for any office.

Flexible – Modulus is a flexible series with many combination possibilities that fits both small and large spaces.

Modular – As the name attests, all parts of Modulus fit together dimensionally to be able to customize the office.

Customizable – Modulus can be customized according to specific needs using different doors, inserts and accessories.

Stylish – With updated materials and a stylish appearance, Modulus suits all environments and gives the office a uniform appearance.

Addable – With Modulus, it is easy to continue to build the furniture both width and heightwise as the business grows and needs change.

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