SAMU, only hearing this fantasy name, you think something as fun.

But being funny is not enough…It has triple function!
Armchair ,Training chair with table and storage !

The briefing we received from Sunon, one of the most important office furniture Chinese companies, was to realized an iconic and original furniture product.

The studio’s answer it has been a beautiful and smart whale called SAMU!

The smooth and sinuous shape, of the whale make of it a really nice and intriking product with strong personality and for this becoming an iconic piece for the company. It is ideal for the co-working space, open space, training room, and informal waiting area.

The studio started to think the body and the tail of whale as a very original and ergonomic sitting.

When you sit with the tail behind you, you can use it as a backrest of the seat. With the tail in front, you become a cowboy on the saddle of your “horse” (whale).

The interior structure is composed of steel rod tubes covered by polyurethane injection foam in various density.

The whale is mounted on wheels for easier movement…

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