With Diva, there is always more than meets the eye. Diva is a wood and aluminium work-table system which has the capacity to incorporate technology seamlessly. The challenge was to design a new office work – table that provided comprehensive cable concealment, reticulation and management, allowed maximum accessibility to below desk services by non-technical users, minimized number of unique components and fasteners, was easy to build, and offered standing height variation. Diva incorporates concealed cables within its wooden legs and hides technology behind sliding undercarriages. When designing Diva we also considered how the table looks from underneath. One of the visual features of Diva is the sliding undercarriage, an extra design feature not seen on tables before. Whether it’s to hold cables in place, or when Diva is used on mezzanine floors or within buildings that feature glass wall atriums, we wanted Diva to look good from all angles. Diva’s unique cable management system produces an aesthetically clean appearance and allows maximum user-friendliness in accessing power cables.

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