The VANK_move table reflects the idea that beauty is a biological need. Designed not only as the core of a modern workplace, it offers aesthetically pleasing sophistication and a sense of shape. Its form, referring to simple, contemporary architecture, beckons alluringly with a range of details: slightly softened tabletop edges or rounded feet and bearing structure that tone down the whole formation. The technical design is emphasized by the shine of aluminium elements of the base stabilizing the structure. The aluminium used to manufacture VANK_move tables is 100% recycled. The re-cast sophisticated cut has its source in aluminium tins and other industrial waste, and the shape is formed in a local foundry.

The table offers also aesthetically appealing ergonomic features. A simple height adjustment mechanism placed under the tabletop can be controlled even remotely thanks to application of an energy-efficient battery. The tabletop, made of long-lasting compact HDF board, is thin but sturdy.

VANK_move is a light sculpture made of refined and durable materials.

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