ThinkingQuietly is a very promising workstation designed to escape the noise and embrace the quiet. In a noisy working environment, ThinkingQuietly’s range of acoustic furniture offers peaceful respite and an aesthetically pleasing working environment. The design brief was simple: develop a modern, open plan workstation; it must have interior design appeal and it must allow users to regain their long-lost focus within the office. Consulting acoustic engineers as part of the design process, advanced acoustic materials were chosen to create a balanced sound environment with a stylish retro design that fits perfectly in the modern office. Smart accessories like the Retro Brief Screen, which is designed as an inter-personal screen that can house personal items and charge laptops, phones etc. but can also be carried with the user to a meeting or the next place they want to work. The ThinkingQuietly range achieves exactly what it was designed to do; it enables users to work more productively, in comfort, without the distractions of a noisy office environment.
In a noisy world, ThinkingWorks offers the space to think quietly.

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