Stand Up is a revelation workstation. We promote active working and strive for a healthy balance between sitting and standing within the workplace. The ingenious, patented and environment-friendly mechanics make the raising of the work surface an outstanding rapid operation with no need for an electrical supply. A fundamental feature of the workstation design allows you to switch between sitting and standing in a matter of seconds. Stand Up encourages its users to stay mobile throughout the day, also promoting more interaction with colleagues by being in an accessible and appropriate position to communicate and work as a project team.
The system represents an innovative generation of workplace, perfectly enters modern offices and coworking spaces whenever it suits to users in different height, with varied task, for individuals and team members.
Upholstered panels and overlays improve workplace acoustics and give the ability to personalize. The jointless edge of the worktop, made with laser technology, provides both: a remarkably durable form and an aesthetic, elegant look.
Stand Up means understated design, advanced technology, dynamic change.

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