We believe a good product design is a customer-focused answer to a need, wich most of the time come from an experience. I worked for 3years in a landscape office with 300 colleagues, where the only view we had was the other facility next to our building. As a result my focus and mostly my creativity were so low. I could feel that more than having natural light, having a natural surrounding was extremly missing to me. I decided to build a desk I would be able to use anywhere. I selected a 100W solar panel coupled with a battery for a minimum of 5h autonomy. I designed the desk around it while maximizing the ease of transportation and deployment. The desk can be moved by feet, like a wheel barrow, and by bike, without any modification. As the desk takes a food print of only 0,6m2 and can be stored vertically & outside, there is no blocking point for companies to allow employees to work in the company garden. The desks were also designed to be modular to allow to be built together to form an outside meeting room. From the first of May the desks can be rented at one of the oldest forest of Europe and only 10km from Brussels city centre for 30 euro/ half a day.

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