Gunnel is a series of versatile seating furniture that is suitable for many different users and environments. The innovative use of the handrail in warm wood provides support for the elderly when sitting down and standing up, giving Gunnel a sense of security and comfort. It’s timeless design and warm expression is ideal for public environments with high demands on durability like waiting rooms, libraries, lounge areas, social open areas at schools. Thanks to the robust, welded frame and the washable/replaceable parts, Gunnel is suitable these exposed environments. Through the choice of construction, materials and maintenance, the product has a long life cycle and meets the demands of the future for a sustainable environment. With a strong identity due to the sweeping handrail, often associated with staircases, Gunnel has a welcoming and safe expression and a comfortable seat height that is accessible for many different users. The frame of the sofa is made of metal, and the upholstery of removable, washable fabric (with zip and velcro) are eco labelled and the rod is made of solid (FCS marked) oak wood. The interior architect can choose the color of frame and upholstery.

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