Puristic design combined with functional details – a statement of colour for thinkers, creatives and designers.

The smart A4+ oversize format offers enough space to place classic A4 sheets of writing paper between the pages or in the cover sleeve without damaging them. With 121 pages the Master Slim features a generous writing surface by being thin and light in weight. The pages are made of strong, non bleeding 100-g/m² paper with page numbers, a table of contents as well as a margin for comments and cross referencing. The dotted ruling is aimed at reaching out to constructive thinkers, creatives, designers and architects. Inspired by the traditional school of architecture, the dots with 5mm spacing provide guidelines for constructing thoughts and ideas on paper. Especially the creation of three-dimensional drawings will be supported by the dots. A further optical highlight is the full coloured artificial leather surface in the 4 solid colours orange, lime, azure and anthracite.

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