-Brand new usage experience via the simplest components and principle-

Office supplies are always scattered on the office table in busy time. We occasionally forget where the articles are. Finding them will waste time and influence work efficiency.

The semitransparent organizer enables us to easily see articles inside. The colorful design helps users to distinguish variety of articles via color.

Labels and stickers attached to the product classify business cards or articles to make the classification more shipshape (systematic and organized)

The extension fitting on the base is convenient for users to add sets on left or right sides and for extension.

It bears the weight of organizer via the concave-convex structure of magnet. The adsorption of strong magnetic realizes the automatic adsorption of organizer when it’s replaced on storage rack without the need of collimation.

The position of magnet on the organizer is designed elaborately. The organizer will be taken down when users lift it for the angle about 15 degrees.

The concise appearance design contributes to more orderly article arrangement, more concise desktop space and more efficient working.

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