The Leitz iLAM Home Office laminators bring a new splash of colour to the office. The range has been designed to be compact, colourful, high performance and great value for money. Most laminators are manufactured in dull, neutral colours like Silver, white and black. Thanks to our success range of lever arch files in the amazing WOW colours, we knew that consumers in the home but also the office really love the possibility to create a vibrant, high impact look to their desks and work environments and we decided to create a lamination range with a high-impact design.

This revolutionary use of colour (linked to a complete office system) was only part of the design, which includes a profile that uses a unique negative (concave) design to prevent marks and fingerprints from show.

The shape of the machine is designed to appear simple, friendly and approachable to the novice user. The floating lines mirror the fluent lamination process itself. Designed to be unique in the home setting. Controls are deliberately placed away from view to keep the lines clean.

The product is available in four colours.

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