It is the exclusive G20 Summit gift pen, a great combination of the elements/colors of the porcelain of the Southern Song Dynasty and modern advanced pen-making technology.

Refer to the color of Southern Song porcelain, the pen is made in plum green color, artfully contrast to the silver plated trims, the pen stands out with contemporary glaze beauty. Refer to the shape of the Southern Song porcelain, the top of the pen is made with a slightly splayed lines to imitate the mouth of a vase. Refer to the texture of Southern Song porcelain, the pen is made from resin. With G20 logo engraved in the middle ring, the silver metal trims with both shining and matte finishes, are rich in details. The frosted finish on grip provides a comfort hold. The Three Pools Mirroring the Moon embossment at the end of the clip represents HangZhou city, where the summit meeting was held, also makes the pen a little cute.

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