1, function and use: pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, hotels, homes, schools, training, engineering drawings and other needs of the pencil scene.
2, advantages: two-hole choice, the length of the core free choice, for zinc alloy turret, three Pencil effect, delay light Pen Nib smooth no burr, while filling with power indicator, automatically ruled out lead, sharpened Self-stop, smart chip protection.
3, product parameters:
1) battery capacity 2000mAh model 18650.2) charging method: computer USB or 5V 1A adapter .3) a single full charge can be more than or equal to 300 times the number of sharpening .4) pen time: new pen less than or equal to 15 seconds, off Core pen less than or equal to 8 seconds .5) the life of the knife holder is greater than or equal to 3000. 6) charging time of about 0.5 hours .7) indicator: the machine is working, LED: power light is always on, The LED automatically switches off when the delay time is 15 seconds. When the battery level is lower than 25%, the red light is on. When the battery level is less than 10%, the red light blinks, and the red light blinks for 15 seconds. The machine still stops working after 10 seconds.

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