The Daobao is born to improve the nap enviroment and quality for the office people. It adopts an scientific napping position which help the cervical vertebra be in the natural state when you take a nap. In this way, it can release the cervical vertebra pressure and also prevent the arm ache and gaseous distention. This product has a unique structure design to ensure fluent breath which also provide a private space when take a nap with it. Dabao has a unique insights for sleeping wich is foucs on the office people in various fields. The storage bag is presented in the form of pixels with drak pattern on the skin which makes it fashonable. It has two functions which are storage bag for Dabao and chair cushion. Dabao helps the office people to improve their napping quality which cloud reduce the risk of sub-health. It is not only a napping product, but also a friend for the office people.

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