The fundamental concept of our products revolves around the idea of “design for all “, which Nova strive to design products that conform to the usability requirements. With the newly design binder ring mechanism that makes the notebook more user friendly.

From our observation, a lot of users caught their fingers in the metal ring binder mechanism while closing it. Therefore, we improved the open/close process to an effortless and in a cleaver way. Instead of popping the metal bar, all you need to do is insert the pin into the aperture, turn the mechanism, and the ring bar slides open / close smoothly parallel to book cover. This new invention not only is accessible to children and elderly, it is also safer.

Integrate simple turn mechanism to this notebook allow easy handling. User would have full control to the width and the speed of the ring opening. Turn counter-clockwise, rings open gently; then reverse to a closure. It avoids immediate snap. Pages are now easy to remove and to rearrange.

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