After soaking poplars in the special non-toxic dye, the “Black hole” pencils present the color of permanent, steady and dignified. Twelve blackwod pencils are fixed in the pencil-case by a piece of punched rectangular plastic sheet. There is a certain amount of distance between each hole. One end of the plastic sheet is fixed on the inner wall of pencil-case, and the other end is used as a supporter when the penholder rise. This structure is designed to prevent pencils from crashing during transportation. The package can be used as a pencil case, which is economical, practical and environmentally friendly.
“Black hole”pencils follow the style of Morgen Design that has always been the minimalist. Blackwood pencil sticks across the penholder one by one and stored in special black box. The material contract between the black paint on pencils and the black card gives a delicate and beautiful feeling. The finishing touch, dazzling silver pressed “Morgen Design”, it makes the product looks very distinguished.

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