The Purpose
To create corporate calendar for Orange, a leading telecommunication company, that would reflect it’s values: openness, friendliness, dynamics, state-of-the-art approach.. To make interaction with the calendar enthralling in order to give positive emotions.

The Idea
In Orange calendar we suggest 3 possibilities to go beyond borders of the ordinary. The calendar construction allows you to pass the 1st level – to find and to pull out the page with needed month from the general block.
The story of every month allows you to look differently at habitual things of ambient world. It’s the 2nd level.
And finally, the 3rd level opens possibilities to interact with the calendar by experiencing the augmented reality. The new world of the calendar plays directly with you, inspires you, smiles and makes you notice the details.

The Result
The feedback and response on the „Beyond borders“ calendar from 4.000 partners and staff of Orange company in Russia and Europe has been very positive . Orange confirmed its position as the telecommunication and IT leader once again: showed the simplicity of solution, changing the borders of the reality right at a working desk.

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