The book is a collection of photographs by ZHUANG Xueben, the most important Chinese anthropology-photographer of the early 20th century. All the photos were taken between 1934-1942 records the daily lifestyles, religions, costumes, products and geography of Qiang, Rong and Yi. Besides, some ethnic costumes images from Ethnic Costume Museum BIFT were selected, and most figure notes are quoted from the traveling notes of ZHUANG. The basis for designing the book is noninterference so as to faithfully recording precious minority culture. First, design best reproduce the original images of Zhuang’s, keep age marks. In addition, each of the images is corresponded to the relevant original traveling notes. The design reflects the style and toned color of the period of the Republic of China, which is plain, natural and elegant. Blue is the national color of the period of the Republic of China.The book cover is made from handmade blue-dyed calico, which makes each copy unique. Meanwhile, Chinese vertical typography, UV varnishing, special four-color black-white printing are used. The blue color of annotation matches the cover. All these show the style of the Republic of China.

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