The video „Bring Your Time“ by SCHULLIN was realized in autumn 2015 together with the company mindconsole. The short film is about a mysterious invitation to a dinner with friends. „Bring your time“ – otherwise the butler won’t let them in. The video shows which personalities follow the invitation, which jewelery they wear, and which creative ideas they develop to „bring time“.
Three young ladies present a parking meter, two other guests bring the magazine „Times“. The young couple thought of the wake-up call of a rooster but bring only a feather to dinner, because they couldn’t catch the rooster. An antique cuckoo clock and even the hand of a clock stolen from the clock tower are presented to the butler. They are all admitted.
SCHULLIN’s jewelery does not play the leading role in this short film. It’s the stylish companion of the different personalities when they spend time with their friends. The film is a plea to life with friends, refreshing friendships and enjoying the time one has with them. The values displayed in the film represent both jewelry and the company.

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