Brandient is a brand strategy and design company with a proven track record in difficult markets, delivering innovative branding solutions for the emergent entrepreneurs and companies.

In 2017, the company redesigned its corporate stationery to enhance its communication power with an innovative approach.

Thus, business cards were reconfigured to act as more than a mere support for contact details, but as an intriguing glimpse into the company’s unique mix of talent and expertise.

As its name says, Brandient believes in branding, so — putting its money where its mouth is — it builds first, via business cards, a personal brand for each team member and then lets all personal stories come together to make up the company brand.

Other stationery materials were similarly designed to carry aspirational messages that define the company’s values and personality.

Beyond the power of the first impression, the new stationery is destined to foster relationships or simply to act as proof of the company’s ethos.

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