Established in 1982, the Young Designers‘ Exhibition (YODEX) provides a stage to boost design students in Taiwan. In the 2017 visual image design, we incorporate the notion of “bouncing” and adopt slow-motion photography for the whole visual in order to demonstrate the moving trajectory of the bouncy ball. Like the transgressive exchange, the bouncy ball moves in all directions, inspiring infinite passions and creative possibilities. It also symbolizes that spirit of the students of the exhibition tends to break through the boundary of their own, and that it demonstrates students’ self-learning process. The circles of the bouncy ball have been incorporated into the making of words. Colors adopted are green to show the dynamic spirit, and orange to show the energy. Both symbolize the hardworking image of the young new designers. The arrangement of pictures and words correspond to the spirit of breaking the boundary; the trajectory of the balls that go in different directions resembles the accomplishment accumulated from the students coming from a great variety of schools. The print uses the UV special printing effect, highlights the focal point of the design.

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