The Silene Out is a classic proportioned architectural LED lighting fixture, fabricated from high quality materials and is designed to hove single or double ended lighting. The solid die-cast structure features precisely machined crystal glass shades in two heights, both of which have a diffused inner surface and a smooth glass exterior surface. These shades are structurally very tough as well as naturally vandal and weather resistant. The LED light sources are available in two intensities (4w & 8w) and are mounded to a die-cast heat sink that floats inside the cylindrical housing. The small gap inside the main housing creates a chimney-effect and forces air to circulate over the cooling fins. Despite this air gap, the fixture is completely sealed to the elements and is designed to be IP-65 rated. Thermal performance and illumination testing have been rigorous for the Silene Out so as to provide an elegant fixture with a long lifetime.
Ø100mm x 534mm tall (double-long) 145mm depth, Ø100mm x 212mm tall (double-short) x 145mm depth; Anthracite Exterior Grade Powder Coat Finish

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