The Walther PL80, which fits well in the hand with a length of only 134 mm, is powered by four low-cost AAA batteries. The high-quality Cree chip pumps more than 600 lumens through the 35-mm reflector lens, giving it a range of 230 meters. These figures aren’t just guesses; they were determined according to the strict ANSI FL1 standard. With AAA rechargeables (NiMH), which can also be used, the PL80 can even attain 735 lumens. The Beam Adjustment System (BAS), comprising a high-quality lens and a specially configured reflector, allows continuously variable adjustment of the beam with a single hand: from a narrow spotlight for great distances to a large cone for illuminating the immediate surroundings. In design the PL80 cuts no corners when it comes to quality. The body, made of anodized matte aircraft aluminum, is sturdy but light. The easy-grip nonreflecting surface is splashwater protected (IPX4), and the recessed switch allows the flashlight to be set on its end while turned on. Like all flashlights in the PL series, the PL80 has three output settings (100, 40 and 10 percent) and a Tactical Defense Strobe that can be activated from any switch position.

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