The P05 PINK is designed particularly with female self-defense in mind, featuring the „Strobe Ready“ function which provides access to strobe with just a click of the button, instantly disorientates an assailant. Which opens up a gap to plan your attacks or escape, providing a crucial means in situations where even a split second can make a huge difference.
Purposely machined to the perfect size to fit in any woman’s hand with a comfortable grip, measuring just 101mm in length and 25.4mm in diameter, the P05 PINK can be easily stored away in pocket, a woman’s purse or tote, which means it is readily available at your disposal, the body in pink also means it is very discreet and is designed not to draw attention.
Boasting a max output of 460 lumens, it is small yet powerful enough to illuminate low-light threat areas, since predator tend to use advantage of the cover of darkness when lying in wait, the P05 has sufficient power to remove that advantage at the same time blind and disorientate them, effectively disrupting their attack while transferring the tactical advantages to you, crenulated bezel design also serves as a effective striking tip.

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