The Foldable Lantern is lightweight with ingenious design. The foldable lampshade enables shrinking to a compact size of 102mm, or extending to lantern for wide-area lighting. The lantern runs on both alkaline batteries and Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack. The rechargeable pack unleashes light output of 420 lumens. The electronic switch at bottom allows one-click activation and brightness dimming. The dimming control extends the run time to 33 hours. The smart electronic setting memorizes and resumes the previous brightness level when it operates again. Activate safety keylock when the light is OFF to prevent accidental battery loss. The Green/Amber/Red battery indicator ring recognizes different battery level to prompt for recharging or battery replacement. It is intelligent enough to distinguish the two battery types, correctly identify the battery level. The rechargeable pack have convenient power resume in 3 hours. The built-in handle ring on top and bottom allows the lantern to be hanged up anywhere. More than just size, the Foldable Lantern affords IPX7 resistant against water and 1.5m drop impact resistance which makes it perfect for household use and short trips.

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