Have the honor to get The 21ST GuangZhou International Lighting Exhibition – Top Ten Products Award of Alighting Award.
Sylph I track light is a kind of multifunctional and high CRI indoor track lights,which passed a number of international certifications. The design of appearance comes from the curvilinear element,connected between the woman’s waist,hip and thigh. The fashionable and personalized modelling increase the interest.
1.Low wattage can make ideal illuminance, it’s very helpful for energy saving and environmental protection.
2.The beam angle is adjustable between 15-60 degrees.Also,the product is easily illustrated, widely applied and easily maintained.
3.This product has multiple lens options such as OL lens/SL lens/FL lens/LL lens/WWL lens/DL lens . In a specified area, the different light effect can be adjusted by light-control accessories without dis-assemble the fixture, there are multiple functions in one light.
4.The spot color can be finished by changing the color of filters.
5.A variety options of dimming:wireless dimming, DALI dimming, knob dimming, 0-10V dimming, Triac dimming.

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