Concord’s Curvelyte is a stunning new luminaire by Sylvania. The unique curved aesthetic combines design, control and the latest technology which offers a very impressive 7200lm with a 70% direct /30% indirect split.

The ultra-thin design at only 15mm thick provides a very discreet visual impact when suspended. Curvelyte also utilises power through suspension cables to allow for a more minimalist design.

Made from a combination of high quality die castings and extrusions, the market-leading superior quality of Curvelyte speaks for itself.

Great consideration has been taken in every aspect of the Curvelyte design, from the usually overlooked ceiling rose design to the small injection moulded “Y Shape” cable adjuster. We believe that these small details will set it apart from its competitors.

Curvelyte is available in 3 colours, black, white & silver while also being available in 3k and 4k.colour temperatures UGR options 19 & 21 are also available.

– Unique Curved Design
– Ultra-thin design 15mm thick
– Outstanding Performance
– No visible power cable

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