TROV LED Linear Platform is a one-of-a-kind luminaire platform that can be installed as a cove luminaire, wall washer, grazer, asymmetric or “line of light” installations. This very unique product can be built to suit in more than 20,000 different configurations. TROV was conceived and developed for lighting designers and was meticulously engineered to incorporate market leading functionality while pushing the boundaries of beautiful design. Our advanced optical system developed by leading optical and color science engineers, delivering beautiful and uniform optical distributions. First of its kind Flip to Flat™ hinge allows designers to easily adjust beam angles from 0-180 degrees for easy adaptability and installation. With our patented Dim to Zero technology, dimming is even more precise, enabling very smooth, flicker-free light from 100% to 0% power. Our expanded range of CCTs, which includes 2200K and 2500K color temperatures along with High CRI options, frees designers from the constraints they have encountered in the past. Our integral multi-volt auto-sensing power supply that detects input power voltage to enable worry free installation.

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