Light is beneficial for body and soul, and can directly help combat winter depression in the winter months. The TL 100 2-in-1 from Beurer is an approved medical product (for daylight application) that provides daylight and also generates mood lighting with change of colour. The control buttons are integrated into the sturdy stand and frame, allowing the 33 cm diameter illumination surface to really come into its own with no optical/functional interruptions. The mood light is controlled either on the device itself or via the free Beurer LightUp app. The LED technology makes for an attractive design, as well as exceptionally bright and even illumination with low energy consumption. The light intensity is approx. 10,000 lux and simulates natural sunlight – with no UV or flickering. The shape of the lamp enhances this effect. The built-in dimmer enables you to choose from ten different brightness levels, with the dimmer memory function storing the last level set. The mood-light colour change function has ten pre-set sequences available via the Beurer LightUp app. Individual colour setting in 256 colours is also possible.

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